Are you looking for a compliant drug and alcohol collection/testing location? Drug Information Systems Inc has been in business serving the Helena area with drug and alcohol testing for over 25 years! We are locally owned and operated!

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We have been serving the Helena community for over 25 years, with the purpose of making our community and safer and better place to live, work, raise a family, and play.

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Learn more about our professional and quality services. Our skilled and experienced staff can advise you on all of your drug testing needs.


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Drug Information Systems Inc.

2625 E Broadway St

Helena, MT 59601


The last building on Broadway Street headed East in the lower level of the Shafer Rau physical therapy building, drive around back to the lower level.


Or you can reach us at (406) 444-5001.


You can also use our contact form


Drugs in Helena Trending

1.) Methamphetamine- it's as dangerous as ever.  High quality and controlled by cartel.

2.) Heroin- it's back, it cheaper and is very potent.

3.) Marijuans- thank our close neighbors WA and CO for the quantity.

Cheaters Beware!

From bringing in someone else's urine, to bleach, to synthetic urine, to water we've seen it all,  this number is dedicated to the number of cheaters we have encountered since January 1, 2015.  Look for our page dedicated to the best efforts.